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Credentials Anchor




  • ACT certified tutor (all areas)

  • AP Biology certified teacher

  • 150 point average SAT increase

  • 5.45 point average ACT increase

  • AP Biology: 85% student pass rate 

  • Former STAR student (1500+ SAT)

  • Former Cobb County valedictorian (2004)

  • University of Georgia Bernard Ramsey Scholar


A Georgia native, Blake Shealy attended high school in Cobb County at McEachern High School. While there, he earned valedictorian and STAR student honors and attended the University of Georgia in 2004 as a Bernard Ramsey Scholar and a member of the  honors program. After graduating in 2008, Blake began a career in medical research and worked in labs across the U.S. including Harvard Medical School, Vanderbilt University and the University of Arizona. In Arizona he began teaching part time at a local college and quickly decided to pursue this full time. Since then, Blake graduated summa cum laude with a masters in public health and later spent ten years teaching as both a high school science teacher and college professor.


In 2018, Blake made the decision to pursue test prep full time, and his days are now spent furthering his expertise in both the SAT and ACT.

Blake Shealy enjoys  spending time with his wife and two kids but still tries to catch as much college football as he can in the fall. He trains as a amateur lifter in his spare time, and has coached baseball and track/field in the past.

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