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Customize Your ACT Package

Insight Tutoring is a premier test preparation company that provides students with the tools they need to excel on their standardized tests. As one of the state's elite test prep professionals, Blake Shealy has helped thousands of students improve their scores and get accepted into their top-choice schools.

 Investing in high-quality tutoring may require a larger upfront payment, but it can ultimately save you money in the long run. By receiving excellent instruction, you can grasp concepts faster and more effectively, reducing the need for prolonged tutoring sessions. This efficiency can lead to improved academic performance, higher grades, and even scholarships or grants, potentially offsetting the initial investment and resulting in significant savings over time.


 We look forward to helping you reach your full academic potential!

Unlimited Practice Tests

Fully customizable

Premium ACT Certified Tutors

Perfect for section refreshers


Comprehensive (12 hrs)

Unlimited Practice Tests

2 to 3 Month Duration

Perfect for single test, full prep

Save $100 vs hourly package.

À La Carte

Single hours targeted for specific areas of maximum score increase.

Dive into content and home test-taking strategies across all sections of the test.

Subject Tutoring

Up to TWO students will be permitted at any subject tutoring sessions. Please provide both names during registration.

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