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"Working with Blake gave me the confidence and skills I needed to go into the ACT with a success-focused mindset. I am very grateful for his dedication and commitment that gave me the skills I needed to achieve a high score. I actually exceeded my goal, and I have him to thank for helping me through the whole process!"​

Cambri D.

"Mr. Shealy worked with my daughter on ACT test prep and helped raise her ACT score 7 points in just a couple of months.   He’s flexible, easy to work with, and made her feel so comfortable that she actually thinks test taking is fun.  He really cares about the kids and wants them to do their best.  Thank you so much Mr. Shealy!"

Kim K.

Insight Tutoring Test Prep
Insight Tutoring SAT Test Prep

“We were considering doing some one-on-one work with another program, but we decided to try Mr. Shealy’s tutoring instead.  Mr. Shealy completely tailored the work to Sarah’s learning style, and reviewed specific weaknesses while working on test taking strategies. She came out of the test feeling confident that she had done well.  She scored 6 points higher on the 2nd test and was so happy with the results!  Sarah and I both appreciate Mr. Shealy’s time and effort, and the results speak for themselves."

Lisa R.

"I highly recommend Blake Shealy as a tutor!   My son was struggling in Honors Algebra 2 and Mr. Shealy was able to help him raise his grade from a low C to a high A!   My child is a very auditory learner and Mr. Shealy was able to systematically break down the algebraic equations and verbally explain them with simple visuals to help it all make sense!" 

Chandley S.

"Blake Shealy has been helping my daughter Shelby, a high school junior, prepare for the ACTs.  He has provided her with exceptional support and helpful strategies to help her succeed on her test.  Shelby is feeling more confident and less stressed about taking these exams, thanks to Mr. Shealy's tutoring."

Christy P.

"This is our second year working with Blake Shealy as a tutor.  Last year he tutored our daughter in Biology and now he is helping her with Geometry.  He is a pleasure to work with from a parent perspective (communication, scheduling, consistency), and my daughter thinks he has a wonderful way of explaining material in a way that she can understand and grasp.  She also thinks that the time flies when they are working together.  We look forward to continuing to work with Blake in the future with Insight tutoring as well."

Laura M.

"Mr. Shealy has been working with both of our children. We have seen significant improvement in their scores and felt more confident taking the ACT. "


Dawn M.

Blake Shealy Tutor, Insight Tutoring
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